Frequently Asked Questions

Hartwig Medical Foundation Data Access Requests

This page contains the frequently asked questions regarding Hartwig Medical Foundation Data Access Requests. Please note that this page is not exhaustive and that you should consult your License Agreement regarding the exact agreements that were made between Hartwig Medical Foundation and your institute.

General Questions

Where can I find information about the procedure for Hartwig Medical Foundation’s Data Access Requests?

You can find all details regarding the Data Access Procedure at our website.

Is it possible to collaborate while using your data?

Collaboration is possible on the following grounds:

Google Cloud Platform Questions

Why can’t I sign up with my Gmail account?

The License Agreement is signed by your institution (the ‘Legal Entity’), which means that your institution will be liable if the License Agreement is breached. As your institution gives you a personal institutional email address, they also manage the access to this account. By using your institutional email address, we have the guarantee that you are acting as a representative of your institution and that your access will be revoked in case of, for example, termination of your contract.

I can’t seem to set up a GCP account with my institutional email address?

Please follow the instructions in our Getting a Google account documentation. In short, go to the Google Account creation page, click ‘Use my current email address instead’ and follow the prompts. Please note that we need multi-factor authentication enabled for all accounts we share our data with.

Can you help us with setting up a GCP account?

We are not able to set the GCP account up for you. Instructions on getting a GCP account can be found in our Getting a Google account instructions. If the instructions are somehow not working for you, please contact us. We might be able to point you to someone that can assist you in the process.

Billing Questions

Will I be billed for accessing your data?

We don’t personally bill you for accessing our data, but accessing the data through Google Cloud Platform does come with costs. Basically, there are two ways to approach the data:

What option to choose depends on your use case and specific requirements.

How much will I get billed for my download?

A resource that might help you in estimating costs is the Google Pricing calculator. Another factor that you need to include when estimating cost, is the cost for egress.

I’m worried about incurring costs on GCP, how can I make sure I stay within budget?

There is no hard cap to cut off costs at a certain point, but there are several options to monitor your budget within GCP: